Sunday, August 14, 2005


It's night #2 in Barbados. We didn't do much last night cuz I just wanted to settle in but today was AWESOME!!

My day starts off as follows:

The sun shines bright at 5:30 am. Unfortunately, it wasn't the sun that woke me up but the cackling of a rooster!!! WTF!!! No worries back to bed. Wake up at 6:30am. Everything here is sooooo laid back. I pretty much started my breakfast at 8:00 and wasn't done until I left for the beach which was around 11:00am.

Marsha took me to the west coast. Amazing. She took me to the golf club that Tiger Woods opened (and got married in last year). It's called Sandy Lanes. This is near her place and is really shwanky. Apparently this is where all the celebrities go and sure did look like it. Shaun type girls surrounded smothered the beach. However, Shaun's game couldn't compete with the guys down here. It's game on ALL DAY. Grocery store, gas station you name it there's some sort of game taking place. Apparently the men down here think that women find it alluring when they blurt things out at women. For example, they say to Marsha "Hey there, darkie". In my case, I had guys hollering "Hey, redskin". I thought they were making fun of me by Marsha clarified for me. I thought that was sooooooo funny.

Anyways, back to amazing. Just like the vacation ads promised: white sands and blue waters. It was my first time at a beach like this. Temperature was just right. I made a friend. Actually he made friends with me. But no need to worry Bay, he was young and all I did was talk about you. Cool guy. Marsha is a big-time boss for the global treasury group down here so while I was swimming and sun-bathing she was working in a chair under a beach umbrella. Man, I thought I had it rough but this girl works non-stop. I will never complain about work again....yeah right. She was working last night and working right now as I update my blog. It's amazing she even has time for me.

After the beach, we went back to her place for a quick lunch and headed for Harrison's cave. Holy Batman!! Really amazing but the tour was super quick. More like "get-the-f*ck-out" quick. I really enjoyed it but that's when I really missed Bay cuz I knew he'd really like it.

Then we took a tour of the northern coast and the inland. Spectacular. We then hit the Soup Bowl. It's another beach; however, unlike the bathing I did on the western coast this was more geared toward the surfers. I still preferred the west but this was still really nice.

We headed home so that I could smother myself with after-sun aloe gel. Yes, it's only day 2 and I've managed to sun burn 40% of my body. No worries, this isn't going to stop me I'm headed to the beach again on Tuesday. I told Marsha I wanted to stay in tomorrow to allow my body to recover. This will also give me a chance to finally finsh A Scanner Darkly.

Till next time bat boys and girls.....


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